Thank you on behalf of my husband and the many other veterans in the metro area.  I appreciate local restaurants and services that look after the “hometown” people.  Your organization has an admirable record.

One of the best meals we’ve enjoyed in a long time!!  Brussell Sprouts & Mussels were exceptional… the Mac & Cheese is a classic. We highly recommend Cafe Trio to others! – Recruiter on 5/3/14

The service is always top notch and if you like an outdoor venue, their deck will not disappoint!! The view of the Plaza is spectacular and the service on the deck is just as attentive as it is inside. Always a favorite restaurant!! – on 5/3/14

Keep doing what you are doing. Crab cakes were wonderful. – Julie H. on 5/7/14


KC Rep Event

Hello KC Rep Team:

The Kansas City Repertory Theatre has been bought out for the evening by Wells Fargo Bank, Private Investment Services.  We will be taking care of high end clients of the investment arm of the bank.   500 Guests are expected.  We are the exclusive caterer for the event, beverage services will be handled by the theatre.  The KC Rep recommended us for the gig, so we want to be super kind to both the Wells Fargo team as well as any staff member from the KC Rep, and of course the guests.   I expect that compensation will be around $125 for the 3.5 hour gig.  If this doesn’t float your boat just let us know, no problem.

Cara Mercier
Hanna Powell
Jake Burnett
Jeff Mundinger
Tayler Smith
Matt Shelton
David Cullivan
  • Servers meet at 4:30pm at Cafe Trio
  • Attire: All black (ladies you can wear skirts with black tights if you like)
  • We will have a festive corsage for everyone
  • Passed apps from 5:30pm to 7pm
  • Help with breakdown at 7pm
Any questions contact:
Chris Youngers 816-678-7606

Artist Kirk Decker

Title:   “Light & Shadow – Photo Muses”
Location:    Cafe Trio Main Dining Room
More on Artist Kirk Decker: Click here  
Description:  New Art Show on Display in the Main Dining Room.  Please stop in and enjoy Kirk Decker’s work, and as always if you fall in love with a piece it is all for sale!  

Start Date: 7/24/18

See Below for Artist Statement and Biography:

Kirk Decker

Artist Statement:

I use Film, Digital, and Infrared cameras in my photography.

When I use Film I’m not looking for some sort of Ultimate Quality in film. I’m looking for an aesthetic quality that incorporates the Japanese ideas of beauty as a part of impermanence and imperfection. I embrace film now, for the very qualities that when we shot film (back then) were considered qualities to be avoided.  Shooting With Film is about the realization that perfection is not beauty and that it is our “flaws” that make us beautiful; realizing that our censoring has been self-censoring, all our restraints and hesitations have been self imposed based on our misconceptions of what we see in ourselves. It is about being beautiful in the moment now, never waiting to be beautiful later. The Digital cameras that I use excel at recording the surface of things,: a person’s face for a passport, a flower for a catalog, the facade of a building.  While these cameras can easily make a perfect surface image, these images frequently add up to something that is less than the object portrayed.  The best photography is not a literal description of a surface already seen and known. The best images are metaphors that evoke images of things unseen; love, strength, loss, struggle, change. These images that see past the surface of the thing — person, flower, building — are the images I want to create.
Infrared is a spectrum of light that is below the range of light that the human eye can see.  In a sense, I’m making images with invisible light. Photographing in infrared, making images with unseen light is a way for me to explore the idea that “One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.”  In all the mediums that I use, I’m looking for a complex deeper beauty that’s frequently hidden until light & shadow, place & time, and, fleeting expression suddenly, unexpectedly come together for a few moments to be a muse pointing towards that beauty.

Biography:  Kirk Decker is an Artist INC Fellow and a juried member of the Northland Exposure Artists Gallery and Best of Missouri Hands Artists Association.  He is an active member in the Kansas City Artists Coalition and the Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography.  Kirk’s photography has been published in Black & White Magazine, Missouri Arts Monthly, Professional Photographers of America Magazine, and is in the permanent collection of the Professional Photographers of America. His photography can be seen at and  He is on Instagram as KirkDeckerPhoto and ShootingWithFilm.  

When I was 12, my aunt let me look through her professional camera.  My aunt lived in New York city and frequently traveled to Europe to take photographs. I was a Kansas farm kid; her camera was the most sophisticated gadget I’d ever seen.  Her life seemed very glamorous. Perhaps if I got a fancy camera, I could have a glamorous life as well.  Being a farm kid, I enrolled in 4H which is a program where farm kids learn arts, and crafts and how to butcher livestock.  I  got really lucky. My 4H photo teacher had a nice darkroom. In the darkroom I lost interest in the camera as a gadget and fell in love with making images.  I read about a photographer, Edward Weston and the daybooks he kept in the early 1900s.  I got volume one and read it until it fell apart. His writing captivated me.  He had been a well known commercial photographer, but now he’s on a new path and not only is he redefining who he is, he is redefining the aesthetics of photography.  The photographers I admired were photographing things that could be labeled with simple words such as water, mountain, vegetable.  And yet they were making images they went beyond simple words and stood alone on their own as art defying simple explanations. Edward Weston wrote that he saw no reason for recording the obvious.  Minor White, another photographer, said, the while the camera is very good for recording what things are.  It’s even better at recording what else things are. The photographers I admired weren’t interested in simple photographs of the obvious. They wanted to go deeper into the what else of life.  No one is sure where the path they take will lead, but as an artist you have to be honest about what moves you, and be willing to go down those paths.  The things that moves me are the quiet things hiding behind the obvious. For me this means to be to be open and ready to respond to whatever the world offers to me. And what the world has to offer goes beyond what I could have imagined on my own.

“Emotional Aesthetics” by Aaron Bradley

“Emotional Aesthetics” Please stop by and enjoy “Emotional Aesthetics” by local artist Aaron Bradley in the main dining room.  Aaron has been a long time Cafe Trio customer and has also helped with our landscaping needs with his company – Aesthetic Outdoor LLC.,a local landscape design/build firm. Aaron’s Biography Aaron’s love for art is inspired predominantlyContinue Reading

Premium Wine Bottle Sale – March 7, 14, 21, & 28

Cafe Trio features a large selection of premium reserve wines and all of them are 50% Off every Thursday and Sunday in March!  You can check out the list using the link provided, but some are in limited supply.   If you’ve been wanting to try that special wine, now is your chance.  It could beContinue Reading

“Give Back” Mondays Celebrate the Heart of Trio as It Turns 10!

“Give Back” Mondays Celebrate the Heart of Trio as It Turns 10!

Giving Back to the Community is At the Heart of Cafe Trio One of Cafe Trio’s core values & founding principles is that hospitality muct find its foundation in community engagement – making the community we live & work in a better place.  With that in mind Trio has always had a strong commitment toContinue Reading

Favorite Dinner Entrees from Trio’s Past Make a Brief Comeback!

Favorite Dinner Entrees from Trio’s Past Make a Brief Comeback!

Ready for a Taste Blast from the Past?  “Throwback Thursdays” are Just the Ticket. Each Thursday in June, beginning May 29th through July 7th we will showcase a favorite retired menu item for one week, from Thursday to the following Wednesday.  Folks have been clamoring for a taste of Café Trio, even back to theContinue Reading

Owen Roe Wine Dinner on 6/19 – Under the Stars

Owen Roe Wine Dinner on 6/19 – Under the Stars

This spectacular Dinner is planned for Thursday, June 19th at 7 PM, under the stars on Cafe Trio’s deck [weather permitting]. Advance ticketing is available now [see below] and watch for announcement of  menu details about June 1st. Trio celebrates its “Perfect 10” Anniversary throughout the month of June and will incorporate this fantastic dinnerContinue Reading

Movie & Martini Night: Searching for a “Clue” to a Cure

Movie & Martini Night: Searching for a “Clue” to a Cure

Do YOU have a “Clue?” THEN, Join US on April 6th for “Movie & Martini Madness” – a Fundraiser for AIDSWALK KC ADVANCED TICKET SALES NOW CLOSED  – Tickets Available at the Door for $30 each after 4:30 PM On Sunday, APRIL 6th, Trio will be hosting a showing of the 1985 movie, based onContinue Reading

Premium Wine Sale – March Thursdays

Premium Wine Sale – March Thursdays

Title: Premium Wine Sale Location: Cafe Trio Link out: Click here Date: 2014-03-06 At least twice a year, Cafe Trio offers all its Premium Wines [those retailing at over $50 per bottle] on sale.  Our Spring Sale begins on March 6th and continues every Thursday in March [Mar 6, 13, 20, & 27].  This isContinue Reading

“65 Candles” –  Greg’s Birthday Party to Kick Off AIDSWALK Moved to Mar 9th

“65 Candles” – Greg’s Birthday Party to Kick Off AIDSWALK Moved to Mar 9th

Join us on March 9th from 4-8 PM to celebrate Greg’s 65 Candles – birthday cake, live entertainment, & merriment will ensue & All for a great cause! Trio’s Marketing Director, Greg Morey, is celebrating his 65th birthday on March 2nd with a very special Party at Cafe Trio.  We are excited to help GregContinue Reading

Trio a Sponsor for Feb 13th  Folly Concert by Sam Harris

Trio a Sponsor for Feb 13th Folly Concert by Sam Harris

Trio is thrilled to be partnering with our friends at the Folly Theater who are bringing the award-winning singer, entertainer & writer Sam Harris to Kansas City to present his one-man concert “Ham: Slices of a Life” on Thursday, February 13th at 7 :30 PM.  This is not-to-miss entertainment! SO GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY! ManyContinue Reading

Save $25 w/ Trio’s Winter Blues Offer for February 2014

Save $25 w/ Trio’s Winter Blues Offer for February 2014

There’s not much to like about near freezing or below freezing temps, blustery, gusty cold winds, and the threats of snow & ice. But, when you can & do get out we want to make the uncomfortable & often gloomy weather a little more bearable. Join us at Trio between NOW & February 28th andContinue Reading