Thank you on behalf of my husband and the many other veterans in the metro area.  I appreciate local restaurants and services that look after the “hometown” people.  Your organization has an admirable record.

One of the best meals we’ve enjoyed in a long time!!  Brussell Sprouts & Mussels were exceptional… the Mac & Cheese is a classic. We highly recommend Cafe Trio to others! – Recruiter on 5/3/14

The service is always top notch and if you like an outdoor venue, their deck will not disappoint!! The view of the Plaza is spectacular and the service on the deck is just as attentive as it is inside. Always a favorite restaurant!! – on 5/3/14

Keep doing what you are doing. Crab cakes were wonderful. – Julie H. on 5/7/14


Artist Nicolas Gadbois



Title: DOTS as the Digital Currency of our Contemporary Culture
Location: Cafe Trio Main Dining Room
More on Nicolas Gadbois: Click here
Description:  New Art Show on Display in the Main Dining Room.  Please stop in and enjoy their work, and as always if you fall in love with a piece it is for sale!  
Start Date: 4/07/18

See Below for Artist Statement and Biography:

Nicolas Gadbois

Artist Statement:  I have long been interested in various forms of patterning.  My dot paintings explore abstraction that is neither expressionist or minimalist. The work references the digital world that is the currency of our contemporary culture.  The paintings draw on binary code, pixelization, LED lights and mathematics.  I use numeric sequences of dots to create shifting patterns in the picture.  This produces an energy that circulates within the art.  My intention is to create an activated visual field on the picture plane.

Biography: Nicolas Gadbois lives and works in Kansas City, MO.  His paintings are represented by the Todd Weiner gallery here.  He began painting seriously in the 1980s and has shown his work in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Denver, Seattle, Baton Rouge and Santa Fe.  He occasionally does public  art projects and in 2014 he completed an 8’ x 18’ mural made of precast cement and glass commissioned by the University of New Mexico in Los Alamos.  His art can be viewed on his website

He can be contacted at


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